How to brighten up Valentine’s Day

How to brighten up Valentine’s Day
04 February, 2021

Valentine’s Day is a high point for hopeless romantics and incurable chocoholics alike. But of course, it’s going to look a little different this year. So if you want to keep things low-key, we can help you recreate your favorite restaurant, right at home.

The cuisine

At this point, you’re probably very familiar with the benefits of takeout. But instead of eating Chinese food straight from the carton (we’ve all been there), rise to the occasion by bringing out the fancy dishes and plating your meal like it’s 5-star cuisine. The best part? No reservation needed.

The ambiance

Sure, candlelit dinners are nice. But for a warm vibe that won’t leave wax on your favorite tablecloth, fine-tune your shine with our Full Color Smart Bulbs. (Or further add to your décor by using our Full Color Light Strips.) With millions of color choices and some handy preset options, you can find your perfect, cozy glow and then save the lighting scene for future date nights.

The soundtrack

Instead of shouting over other diners, you can finally have the quiet evening you always envisioned. Queue up a playlist that has sentimental meaning, and stream it through our LED+ Speaker bulbs. They connect via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your soundtrack seamlessly.

Bonus Tip: The staff

If this is the first Valentine’s Day in recent memory when you won’t be hiring a sitter, get your kids in on the fun by letting them play the servers. It’s like a game of restaurant, minus all the plastic foods!

Even though it’s out of the ordinary, we hope to help make this year’s celebration one to remember. Send us pics of your spread, and don’t forget to tag us (@GELighting).