Grow your own indoor winter garden

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Grow your own indoor winter garden
06 October, 2020

This winter, you can flex your green thumb—even if it’s hidden under a glove. After all, our LED Grow Lights help turn your home into a greenhouse, all year round. And with their crisp, white glow you’ll be proud to install these bulbs in any of your standard fixtures.

So here are some of the best and easiest fruits and vegetables to grow indoors. If you don’t have a great record as a plant parent, no worries: our Grow Lights’ nurturing glow supports a wide range of needs. (Call them the seed of success!) 


Crunch away the winter blues with your own crop of carrots. Certain varieties germinate within just two weeks. Check out the “Little Finger” species, which can fully mature in just 65 days, and make for a great, homegrown snack. 


Peppers are perfect for spicing up your winter and warming up any plate. But all that heat requires attention: some hot peppers need at least 10 hours of sunlight a day. So for best results, schedule your LED Grow Light by plugging it into a C by GE Smart Plug.  


If you’ve had success growing spinach outside, where it’s vulnerable to bugs and other critters, growing it inside will be a snap. This go-to green matures quickly and, with proper care, can be ready for harvest in as little as 40 days.  


Tomatoes are surprisingly hearty, but very top heavy. Plan on staking and then gently shaking them, because they need a little help pollinating. Plum and cherry varietals do especially well indoors, and you’ll be able to see the actual fruit of your labor bloom before your eyes. 


Thyme seeds can germinate anywhere from 1–3 weeks, so you’ll be able to season regardless of, well, the season. This plant likes a lot of light—thank goodness for energy-efficient LED bulbs, right?—so stick it under a Grow Light for an herb garden that’s always ready to go. 

Here’s to a fruitful winter, everybody! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your bumper crop.