Go for the gold with summer games

Red, White and Blue
Go for the gold with summer games
22 July, 2021

This month, competitors from almost 200 countries will come together and perform some of the most incredible feats of athleticism the world has ever seen. And your family can join in the fun, too!

Go for the gold—while helping kids stay active and engaged—by setting up summer games right in your own backyard.

Fly your flag

Have each team pick a country to represent. (Lands both real and fictional are welcome.) For extra fun, you can invite the neighbors to join your team, or challenge them to build their own. Each group should design a colorful flag to help build their national pride. Of course, you’ll need an animal to serve as a mascot, too. The more obscure, the better!

Host an epic opening ceremony

Commemorate the start of competition by passing a torch between nations. For safety reasons, we recommend using the fire-free LED+ Battery Backup Bulb, which functions as a stand-alone flashlight when not screwed into a fixture.

Also: any country whose members perform an original national anthem at the opening ceremonies receives a bonus point!

Let the games begin

Next, pick your family’s favorite activities and take your mark.

Hold a race to the end of the street, or have a gymnastics-inspired cartwheel contest in the front yard. During the events, play a rousing fight song over your LED+ Speaker Bulb to get the crowds amped up.

If sports aren’t your thing, card games on the porch or a few fierce rounds of a favorite video game can also help spark the spirit of competition. Ready, player one?

Crown your Champions

Once only the victors remain, celebrate with homemade medals, and use the LED+ Color Bulb to light up the room with the winning country’s colors. And, most importantly, when the events have concluded, share some ice cream with your competitors and congratulate them on a game well played.