Get an A+ in virtual learning

Life from home
Get an A+ in virtual learning
05 October, 2020

For some, going back to school means class is now in session…at home. As students and parents both try to make the best of these strange circumstances, here are some tips to help you and your socially distant scholars ace remote learning. 

Diminish distractions

Schoolwork now has to compete with toys, tech, and other fun activities for your child’s attention. Try to limit temptation by keeping these items out of sight. Investing in a reliable pair of headphones is always a good idea, too.

Give them space

Speaking of distractions: nothing can throw you off track quite like a noisy neighbor. (Especially if they happen to be your sibling.) Try to create separate workstations for each kid. Of course, we’re all working with different space constraints, so if the kitchen table happens to be the best option for everyone, there’s always the old folders-as-dividers trick. 

Create the right environment

One major improvement over the classic classroom: no more yellow, overhead fluorescent lights. With its crisp cool daylight setting, the C by GE Tunable White Smart Bulb can help create an energizing learning environment. And thanks to our C by GE Wire-Free Dimmer Remote + Color Control, students can tune the light exactly to their liking, without having to leave their desks.  

Take well-earned breaks

Depending on their class schedule, try to mix in a couple quick bursts of activity (jumping jacks, anyone?) to help release all that pent-up energy. And don’t forget, parents: you deserve a breather, too.

As we all try to adjust to this unexpected challenge, remember to just go with whatever’s best for you and your family. We’ll be here to help, and we’re always happy to hear about your Life From Home ideas!