Five Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Restful

Five Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Restful
Five Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Restful
31 January, 2018

It's no secret: the better you sleep, the more productive, focused, and alert you are during the day. So how do you make a "good night" even better? We're going to share five tips to creating a more restful bedroom.


No, not night lights. We’re talking about actual tabletop lamp bulbs that create a warm, cozy feeling—specifically, GE’s C-Sleep™ bulb. Not only does it create the perfect bedroom light as you ease into your zzzz’s, but it’s also crisp and vibrant in the morning. And whether you’re a night owl or an early worm, you can instantly dim or brighten these bulbs to fit your needs (which may or may not change after that first cup of coffee).

New pillow

Listen, it’s not easy finding the perfect pillow. But searching for it is worth the time. Because a pillow that doesn’t align with your head while you sleep can be a real pain in the neck. Literally.

New mattress

Prices at the mattress store may give you some pause, but it’s worth the investment, because a bed can make or break your quality of sleep. So do your research, test them out, and find the best one for you.

Darkening blinds

Cheap blinds can give you the early wake-up call you didn’t ask for. However, purchasing higher quality darkening blinds will allow you to rise and shine when you’re ready.


Who knew that a fresh coat of paint could create an ideal atmosphere for sleeping? It’s true. By choosing a relaxing palette for your bedroom—as opposed to a sterile or bright color—you can create a peaceful and calming sleep space. Combining the right light with the right color scheme—well, I’m yawning a little just thinking about it.

There you have it: 5 tips for a better 8 hours of sleep. Sweeter dreams!