CYNC lends a helping hand.

Hands Full
CYNC lends a helping hand.
27 May, 2021

We know you have a lot going on, so we’re happy to be your smart home sidekick. Try combining these products, and see how your life can get totally in Cync. (See how that works?)

Wire-Free Motion Sensor + Full Color Smart Bulbs

Whether you’re wielding a laundry basket or juggling an armful of groceries, sometimes you just need a helping hand. Enter: our Wire-Free Motion Sensor. It automatically lights up bulbs when you walk past.

So when you tune your Full Color Smart Bulbs to a warm white, you’ll get a relaxing, hands-free glow amidst the chaos of daily life. Plus, to save energy (and extra worries), the Wire-Free Motion Sensor turns lights off when it detects no movement.

Wire-Free Smart Remote + Tunable White Smart Bulbs

Your dreams are in reach—especially if you aspire to end the “forgetting to turn the lights off before getting cozy” struggle once and for all. Our Wire-Free Smart Remote lets you dim, brighten, and turn lights on and off without getting up, which makes it great for movie marathons.

And thanks to its magnetic backing, it’s hard to lose between couch cushions.

All this sounds great, right? Well, even more assistance is on the way! These smart products are coming in early summer, so you can have your most relaxing season on record.

Indoor Smart Camera + Cync App

Install an Indoor Smart Camera, and then start breathing easier. You can view its crystal clear picture through the Cync App, powered by Savant, and see if the kids are home from their day camp or check in on a loved one who lives independently.

Outdoor Smart Plug + Cync App

Our new Outdoor Smart Plug lets you control your lights and decorations from the comfort of your home. No more trudging out in the rain to unplug your waterscape!

If you think it’s convenient to schedule your string lights in the summer, imagine how great it’ll be to control your holiday décor while staying warm.

That’s the year-round, easy-to-use power of Cync—that’ll make your life much smarter, and way simpler.