Create a day camp at home

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Create a day camp at home
04 August, 2021
Become one with nature

Find your inner trailblazer by taking neighborhood nature hikes. Keep track of the wildlife you spot along the way or see if you can identify your favorite trees and wildflowers. Add a little magic by going to a park in the evening for a firefly catch-and-release!

Ignite creativity with arts and crafts

Even if a rainstorm shuts you in, camp doesn’t have to shut down. Set up an activities table complete with string and beads to make friendship bracelets. Or try decorating inexpensive pottery with permanent markers. Whatever you make, you’ll have a year-round reminder of fun summer days.

Make a snack that suits you

Give hungry campers a midday boost by letting them develop a signature trail mix recipe. Set out bowls full of options like dried fruit, candy, and salty snacks. Whether your kids have traditional tastes or prefer to go nuts (literally), everyone can refresh their own way.

Host a showstopping finale

For the ultimate end to your sleepaway experience, plan a family movie night. Use our Full Color Smart Bulb to create theatre-style lighting and prep a big bowl of popcorn. Whether you choose a new release or an old family favorite, snuggling up with your favorite cabinmates is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.