7 Ways to Save Energy at Home

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7 Ways to Save Energy at Home
29 October, 2018

7 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

October is Energy Action Month, so celebrate with these simple tips that will make your home a little more eco-friendly. Your energy bill AND the environment will thank you.

1. Unplug the Unused

Your charger uses energy even when your phone’s not plugged in. In fact, up to 10% of your home’s energy usage could be attributed to gadgets and appliances that are always on standby. Yikes! Unplug your tech when it’s not in use.

2. Wash Clothes on Cold

Some cool news: You can save big bucks by washing your clothes in cold water and selecting the shortest cycle needed. And when it comes to laundry, only run washers and dryers when they’re completely full. (Bonus tip: the same applies to your dishwasher.)  

3. Switch to Energy-Efficient LEDs

LED light bulbs use 70-90% less energy than traditional bulbs. Plus, they last 10-25% longer, which means fewer end up in landfills. More good news: nowadays, you can find LEDs for less than $5, so your “investment” pays for itself in almost no time at all.

4. Stay Closed Off

Shut doors to areas you aren’t using, and keep blinds and curtains closed, too. You’ll trap the warm (or cool) air, while freeing up room in your household budget.

5. Set Your Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save on heating and cooling costs, while keeping your family warm and toasty (or cool, calm, and collected) all year round! Many programmable thermostats also allow scheduling, so you can come home and revel in your perfect climate.

6. Take Control of the Hot Water Tank

For lower energy costs, reduce the temperature on your water heater to 130°F. While you’re at it, wrap your water heater in a specially designed blanket to help it retain heat.

7. Seal It Up

Sealing air leaks around doors and windows will help you save on your heating and cooling bills, and prevent dreaded wintertime drafts.

Consider this your green light to go green. And even though Energy Action Month only lasts through October, you can continue to make Earth-friendly choices all year round