Refresh Your Home for Spring

Well-lit playroom
Refresh Your Home for Spring
07 March, 2019

Congratulations: you’ve made it through winter! Throw open your windows and say hello to warmer air, blooming flowers, lighter fabrics…and spring cleaning. It might not be your favorite chore, but it’ll feel great when it’s over. That’s why we’re sharing some easy ways to revive your home.


First, sift through your children’s toys and donate anything they’ve outgrown. (Save this for a time they’re otherwise occupied.) Then, invest in clear containers or open-top storage bins so kids can find exactly what they’re looking for without having to pull everything out. It’s a quick fix that will save them a lot of time—and clean up—in the future.

Home offices

Your desk might be dirtier than you realize. Take everything off, dust it, and bring it to a shine with furniture polish. If you really want to go all out, consider cleaning your computer keyboard with compressed air, and taking a dry cloth to wipe fingerprints off your screen. These small tasks will make a big difference. And tackle your junk drawer with desk organizers that will sort supplies into easily-accessible areas. While you’re at it, throw out any dried-out pens!

Laundry rooms

Repurpose the single socks that float around your dryer by using them for dusting elsewhere in your home. Clean your lint trap with water and a few drops of dish soap. And if you want to beautify the space, consider transferring detergent pods and fabric softeners to pretty, clear containers. Just make sure to store them out of reach of small hands.

And now for the finishing touch: Refresh™ HD LED bulbs provide cool, invigorating light that’s perfect for energizing moments and active spaces. They can illuminate your newly organized rooms, and the bulbs give off a daylight brilliance that can help keep you going and glowing—all year round.

Enjoy your beautiful home!