Make the most of your morning

Bedroom Morning Scene
Make the most of your morning
19 September, 2019

Make the most of your morning

Mornings: they’re not for everyone. But you can always optimize your a.m. by establishing a daily routine to make your rise and shine a little more rosy.

Drink water

A hotel-worthy breakfast buffet may not be possible for everyone (anyone?), but we can all manage to down a glass of water. Keep a cup on your nightstand so you can rehydrate upon waking. It’ll help you feel more alert, too. 

Skip social media

Being badgered by notifications is no way to start your day. Plus, checking Facebook first thing is a total time suck that will probably put you behind schedule. Try to go at least 10 minutes post-wake up without consulting your phone.

Look ahead to your day

And how can you fill that screen-free time? Greet the sun with a little yoga or even some good old-fashioned stretching. Try to clear your head and set a nice intention for the day with deep breathing or meditation. (Ahhhh. That’s better.)

Call in back-up

The C by GE Smart Plug can help keep you on track because it allows you to schedule out small appliances like hair styling tools and coffee makers. So even if it’s one of those days where you simply can’t get out of bed (it happens to the best of us!), your morning will already be set in motion.

See you bright and early!