Fall in Love With Your Light Again

C-Start Smart Switch in bedroom
Fall in Love With Your Light Again
13 February, 2019

This time of year, love is in the air.

So you might feel renewed appreciation for your significant others, friends, family…and your light switch. If that sounds crazy, it’s probably because you haven’t installed a C-Start™ Smart Switch in your home yet. We promise: between many helpful features and easy-to-use controls, it can help you to fall in love with your light again. After all, it allows innovations like:

Scheduling your lights

Sync your schedule with your lights. You can automate bulbs to turn on exactly when you need them and to shut off when you don’t. This can help with energy savings and provide added security when you’re out of town, and also offers a simple, everyday convenience.

Voice and out-of-home control

C-Start™ works with Google Home devices and Amazon Alexa for voice and out-of-home control right out of the box. No hub required! You can also control your lights through the C by GE app. No matter where you go, your bulbs are always within arm's reach.

Smart control of any bulb

Your existing bulbs and the C-Start™ Smart Switch are a match made in heaven. The switch gives you smart control of incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs—including GE’s premium Vintage Style LED series and Reveal® HD+ LED, which is our best light. Because it works with any bulb, there’s no new investment needed on your end.

Motion and ambient light detection

C-Start™ with Motion Sensing allows you to set lights to turn on based on motion and the natural light detected in a room. Plus, they can automatically turn off to save you energy. This feature is even pet-friendly: if you have four-legged friends who are awake at night, you can set it on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. An undisturbed sleep could be the best present you get this Valentine's Day.

With one quick and easy installation, you can reap all these benefits, and even more! The C-Start™ Smart Switch is an easy way to make life a little simpler, and your home a lot smarter. We think you’ll enjoy the love of your light all year round.