reveal TriGain Technology

Imagine optimal color without sacrifice.

Utilizing our decades of material science expertise, we've developed reveal® TriGain™ technology for retail and commercial lighting designers who need excellent color quality to bring out the beauty of objects and architecture on display. Until now, achieving optimal color rendering quality meant sacrificing energy efficiency. With reveal® TriGain™ technology, there's no compromise – both beauty and energy efficiency are enhanced.

reveal® TriGain™ technology changes everything.

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reveal® TriGain™ technology from GE combines the high levels of CRI, R9 and efficiency together in one LED. GE has developed a narrow-band red phosphor that increases both CRI and R9, while improving LED and system efficacy significantly versus other LED products or systems on the market. By making patented and proprietary technological improvements to phosphor synthesis, reveal® TriGain™ technology is an industry-leading phosphor with premium performance lighting systems for retail and commercial applications. We are doing so without the design complexities of other technologies and with no changes to the luminaire structure of our systems.

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reveal® TriGain™ technology: Imagine optimal color without sacrifice

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Introducing reveal® TriGain™ technology in Lumination IS Fixtures from GE

The Lumination™ IS Series now also comes with reveal® TriGain™ technology.
This patented and proprietary phosphor increases CRI, R9 and LPW for the IS fixture.

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