GE T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

GE's T8 Family of Lamps

Whether its long life, energy savings, or quality of light, GE's line of T8 lamps has your application covered, delivering excellent color rendering and high lumen maintenance for more high quality light. Browse T8 Products

29W & 26W Ecolux® T8 1-5/8” Mod-U-Line®

The energy-saving solution for 2' x 2' fixtures, these lamps can save up to 16% in energy, with a life as high as 30,000 hours.

Ultra Energy Saving T8 Ecolux® Watt Miser® - 2' and 3'

In addition to dramatic savings in energy costs, these lamps provide up to 100% longer life than standard T8s with nearly the same lumen output.  As a result, you can extend group relamp cycles by over four years (assuming 4,100 annual burn hours) and significantly reduce spot relamping costs.

2' T8 Starcoat® Ecolux®

Retrofit an existing T12 fixture with a GE UltraMax® system and save up to 42% in energy.  These lamps provide 344% longer life than standard F20 T12 lamps operating on a 3hr/start cycle.

Ultra Energy Saving 4' T8 Ecolux®

Relamp existing F32T8 with F28T8 and save up to 15% in energy. Retrofit existing T12 fixture with GE UltraMax® System and save up to 36%. This lamp lasts 50% longer than standard T8s.

GE Refit Solutions - LED Tubes

LED Tubes =
Longer Life, Less Energy

  • 66% longer rated lifetimes than LFLs
  • As much as 43–53% less energy required to operate than LFL
  • Instant full brightness, warm and cool color temperatures, numerous lumen options and higher CRI (80+)
  • Improved durability & hassle-free disposal with NSF-rated shatter-resistant tube options and no hazardous materials