GE Linear Fluorescent Lighting (LFL) by GE Lighting

Whether it's long life, energy savings, or quality of light, GE's linear fluorescent bulbs have your application covered.

Our linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs) are appropriate for every kind of indoor application and excel in long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering. Thanks to the superior quality of light, merchandise stands out and people look more natural.

LFL bulbs are available in color temperatures ranging from 2700 - 6500 K, providing choices for all professional lighting applications.

GE T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

GE's T5 Family of Lamps

Long, slim T5s represented a significant advance in fluorescent technology. GE offers a comprehensive range of high efficiency and high output T5 tubes.
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GE T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

GE's T8 Family of Lamps

Whether its long life, energy savings, or quality of light, GE's line of T8 lamps has your application covered, delivering excellent color rendering and high lumen maintenance for more high quality light.
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GE Ecolux Linear Fluorescent Lamps

Ecolux® Fluorescent Lamps

All Ecolux® fluorescent lamps pass the EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test. This TCLP test characterizes fluorescent lamp waste as either hazardous or non-hazardous for the purpose of disposal.
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