Highly efficient Immersion LED fittings for Iceland Foods

Iceland Foods

LED Retail Lighting

Iceland Foods has replaced the fluorescent tubes used in all of its store's upright freezers with GE Lighting's Immersion™ LED refrigerated display lighting.
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GE LED Hotel Lighting 3 - feature

Sparkling Hill

Hospitality Lighting

New GE LED replacement lamps will help Sparkling Hill achieve $1.3 million lighting cost savings over 10 years while enhancing Swarovski Crystal elements throughout the luxury hotel.
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GE Retail Lighting at Walgreens - feature


Retail Lighting

GE Lighting helped Walgreens recently upgrade its general lighting across 80 percent of its nationwide locations by retrofitting 4.3 million GE linear fluorescent systems.
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GE LED Retail Lighting at Havertys Furniture - feature

Havertys Furniture

Retail Lighting

Havertys Furniture will retrofit 122 locations by 2015 with GE Lighting's LED Retail PAR38 lamps, saving $22,300 per store per year.
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GE Retail Lighting at Arrow Furniture - feature

Arrow Furniture

Retail Lighting

Arrow Furniture selected energy-efficient LED lamps from GE Lighting to replace halogen bulbs in its four Toronto-area stores, saving $23,000 a year as the result of 232,000 fewer kWhs used.
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