GreatWest Kenworth reduced costs by installing GE's LED lighting technology in its Calgary facilities.

GreatWest Kenworth

LED High Bay Lighting

GE's Albeo™ high bay LED lighting helps GreatWest Kenworth save energy, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity in its Alberta facilities.
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GE LED Lighting shines above autos in one California dealership showroom

West Coast BMW Dealership

Retail Lighting

Renovations that included upgrading to GE LED lighting fixtures helped one California dealership enhance overall aesthetics while saving energy.
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GE Lumination™ BT Series Recessed LED Troffers in Conference Room

Westbrook Corporate Center

Office Lighting

Renovations that included more energy-efficient lighting have given the Westbrook Corporate Center substantial savings while enhancing the working environment.
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GE Healthcare Remodeled its Boston Offices with Lumination ET Series LED Luminaires

GE Healthcare

Office Lighting

Recently renovated offices of GE Healthcare in Boston utilize more energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and more efficient use of workspace.
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GE LED Lighting Fixtures at GE Headquarters

GE – Headquarters Offices

Office Lighting

From making offices more appealing to driving collaboration and driving down costs, GE looks at how LED lighting offers a starting point for creating vibrant new office environments.
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