Lumination™ Linear Suspended is a professional retail lighting solution

Sainsbury's Leek

Retail Lighting

Sainsbury's store in Leek is the first supermarket installation to utilize GE's Lumination™ Linear Suspended luminaires.
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Brookshire Brothers

Retail Lighting

Brookshire Brothers launched a facility wide lighting update, including in-store, parking lot, exterior signage and refrigerated case fixtures.
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Food City

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

GE Lighting's super-efficient ImmersionTM RV40 LED Refrigerated Display Lighting Systems helped grocery chain Food City slash annual energy maintenance costs by $337,000 across 89 stores.
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Highly efficient Immersion LED fittings for Iceland Foods

Iceland Foods

LED Retail Lighting

Iceland Foods has replaced the fluorescent tubes used in all of its store's upright freezers with GE Lighting's Immersion™ LED refrigerated display lighting.
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GE LED Hotel Lighting 3 - feature

Sparkling Hill

Hospitality Lighting

New GE LED replacement lamps will help Sparkling Hill achieve $1.3 million lighting cost savings over 10 years while enhancing Swarovski Crystal elements throughout the luxury hotel.
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