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With energy savings and environmental performance leading today's lighting charge, lighting control means so much more than a simple "on" or "off." Control means having the ability to detect dusk and dawn. To dim a highway during its least traveled hours. To have illumination where and when you need it, and the power to conserve when you don't. At GE, lighting control means having the capability to find a solution to any problem. And if that solution doesn't exist, to invent it.

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LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Control System

LightGrid™ is a groundbreaking outdoor wireless control system for street and roadway lights. The unique technology inside this system allows for remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a Web-enabled central management system. Designed with municipalities and transportation departments in mind, LightGrid offers many features.

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Discontinued Outdoor Lighting Controls

The following product is longer available:

  • Monitor™ Stand-Alone Controller

Alternate product suggestion:
LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Control System
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