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Refit Solutions from GE

In today's fast-paced business landscape, we understand that it isn't always prudent to invest the time and money needed for brand new installations. That's the inspiration behind Refit Solutions from GE.
Refit Solutions from GE convert your existing linear fluorescent, halogen or CFL lighting to LED or higher-efficiency LFL without requiring a comprehensive reinstall. Each package comes fully stocked with all of the components for each application. It is, quite simply, the easiest solution in lighting upgrades.

Which solution is right for you?

Whatever your upgrade objectives, you can find the answer with Refit Solutions from GE. If ease of installation is most important, then GE's LED Tubes are for you. If your primary goal is better light distribution, an LED Refit Kit may be your ideal option. And if initial costs are a factor, consider the LFL Refit Kit. Or, discuss all of your LED lighting solutions options with your GE Lighting sales representative.

LFL Retrofit Options

GE LED LFL Refit Solutions

We're ready with a LED lighting solution plan that will make it easy for decision makers to say yes. Schedule a free Lighting Energy Audit today to learn how to cut spending, save energy, support corporate environmental initiatives and realize a positive return on investment.

LED Tubes

Designed to fit in fixtures intended for linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs), LED tubes from GE are a smart, efficient and long-lasting solution to replace traditional lighting. GE Lighting offers two solutions.

Description Features

  • 4' tubes
  • 2,100 to 2,200 lumen options available
  • 100-105 total system lumens per watt (LPW)
  • Choice of three color temperatures (3500°K, 4000°K, 5000°K)
  • 50,000-hour rated life (L70)
  • UL-approved technologies – in compliance with UL 1598 certification

Spec Sheet — GE LED Tubes Refit Solutions | 14671

Integrated LED Tubes

Convert your existing linear fluorescent fixture to LED lighting without needing a comprehensive reinstall. LED tubes are ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal installation time. Each LED tube is outfitted with an internal GE Lightech™ driver. The GE integrated LED tubes run on electronic T8 instant-start or programmed start ballasts.

Description Features

  • 4' tubes
  • 1,600 to 1,700 lumen options available
  • 100-107 lumens per watt (LPW)
  • Choice of three color temperatures (3500°K, 4000°K, 5000°K)
  • 40,000-hour rated life
  • Non-Dimming
  • Constant current
  • UL-approved technologies – in compliance with UL 1598 certification
  • 5-year limited warranty

Spec Sheet — GE LED Integrated Tubes | LEDL001

LFL Refit Kits

If you're not quite ready to make the move to LED, you can still see substantial savings and have long-life products with an LFL upgrade. These solutions provide everything you need to refit your existing LFL system, including reflectors, mounting brackets and sockets.

Description Features

  • For 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' fixtures
  • White and aluminum reflectance options
  • Lamp holders available in shunted (for Instant Start ballasts) and Non-Shunted (for program Rapid Start ballasts)
  • UL-approved technologies – in compliance with UL 1598 certification

Spec Sheet — GE LFL Refit Kit Refit Solutions | 14657