ConstantColor® Precise™ IR MR16

GE Energy Saving MR16

GE Halogen Precise ConstantColor Lamps

Cost Of Light
The purchase price of the lamps represents only a small fraction of the overall cost of light. Energy consumption is the largest expense and upgrading your lighting with high technology GE lamps can save thousands of dollars each year. 

GE has combined the industry proven, high quality of light, ConstantColor® Technology and its energy saving Precise™ IR technology to produce the new Halogen ConstantColor® Precise™ IR line of MR16's … the only choice for energy saving, consistent high quality Halogen MR16's.

Energy Savings
Huge Cost of Light Savings on these lamps. These lamps are up to 30% more efficient than standard MR16 lamps.

Halogen IR Technology
GE invented IR technology in 1990 and the new ConstantColor® IR MR16 product is the newest edition to the product family.

Most of the wattage used by standard lamps generates invisible infrared light energy. The Precise™ IR halogen capsule has a special infrared coating which redirects this wasted electricity back onto the lamp filament. Using this recycled heat allows the lamp to consume less energy.

Crisp, white light
GE IR lamps offer great color at 100 CRI & 2950K; The hard coated dichroic reflector with an axial filament produces a very smooth beam pattern.

Long lamp life
5000 hour life and less than 1% of light “leaks” out the back of the lamp. Sometimes less than 1 year payback.

Direct replacement for existing MR16 lamps
Both the IR and ConstantColor® IR lamps operate on the same transformer required for any MR16 lamp. Just install and enjoy the beautiful light and save energy!

UV Control
The IR coated capsule and the cover glass combine to virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C radiation. GE's Precise™ IR is ideal for heat sensitive applications and also reduces fading and discoloration.