High Lumen 32W 4' T8 Ecolux®

Ultra Energy Saving F32T8 High Lumen

Low Operating Cost

  • Retrofit existing T12 fixture with a normal ballast factor GE UltraMax® or UltraStart® system and save up to 24% in energy
  • More energy savings available in low ballast factor systems

Up to 33% Longer Life than Standard F32 T8s*

  • 40,000 hour life for 3hrs/start cycle
  • 45,000 hour life for 12hrs/start cycle
  • Extend group relamp cycles by almost 2 years compared to a standard T8 lamp
  • Significantly reduce spot relamping costs

GE High Lumen 32W 4' T8 Ecolux<sup>®</sup> Linear Fluorescent Lamps

Increased Light Output

  • 10% more lumens than standard T8, 3100 initial lumens vs. 2800 lumens
  • Increased light output available in high ballast factor systems

Reduced Mercury

  • Ecolux® low mercury products pass Federal TCLP tests

*Energy saving and group relamp cycle figures based on 4-lamp system life rating, programmed start ballasts $0.11 kWh energy cost, group relamp cycle @ 70% rated life, and 4,100 annual burn hours.