Energy Saving 47W 4' T5 HO Ecolux®

Ultra Energy Saving Ecolux® T5 High Output 47 Watt Watt-Miser®

Energy Savings

  • Retrofit typical MVR400 system with a 4-lamp GE T5 UltraStart® Watt-Miser® system and save $841 over the life of the lamp per fixture at 11¢ / kWh
  • Relamp existing full wattage 54W lamp with the 47W T5 lamp and save $23 per lamp
  • GE's highest efficiency and lowest wattage T5 HO combination at 102 LPW

Long Life on Programmed Rapid Start Ballasts

  • 30,000 hours for 3hrs/start cycle
  • 36,000 hours for 12hrs/start cycle
  • Designed to operate on existing F54T5 HO ballast

Similar Lumen Output

  • 4,800 lumens vs. 5,000 lumens for standard F54T5

Reduced Mercury

  • Ecolux® low mercury products pass Federal TCLP tests

GE Express Lamp & Ballast Warranty Service Program

  • Warranty based on GE Lamps operating on GE Ballast.
  • See program documents for full details.

*Energy saving based on 4-lamp system life rating, programmed start ballasts $0.11 kWh energy cost, group relamp cycle @ 70% rated life, and 4,100 annual burn hours. Four T5 HO 47W Watt-Miser® lamps provide 50% longer rated life and higher lumen maintenance, but lower initial lumens than one MVR400 lamp.