Energy Saving 29W T8 Mod-U-Line® Ecolux®

T8 1-5/8” Mod-U-Line®

Low Operating Cost*

  • Relamp existing F31T8 Mod-U-Line® with F29T8 or F26T8 Mod-U-Line® and save up to 16% in energy
  • Additional energy savings available in low ballast factor and GE UltraStart® systems

Long Life*

  • 24,000 hours at 3hrs/start cycle on a PRS ballast
  • 30,000 hours at 12hrs/start cycle on a PRS ballast

Similar Lumen Output*

  • 2,500 lumens (F29T8) vs. 2,725 lumens for standard F31T8
  • 2,250 lumens (F26T8) vs. 2,725 lumens for standard F31T8
  • Increased light output available in high ballast factor systems

Reduced Mercury

  • Ecolux® low mercury products pass Federal TCLP** tests

Requires Open Circuit Voltage >550V

Energy Saving Solution in 2' x 2' Fixture Applications

*Energy saving and life calculations based on 2-lamp system. 3 hour/start life rating, programmed start ballasts, $0.11 kWh energy cost, group relamp cycle @ 70% rated life, and 4,100 annual burn hours, but 475 lower lumens for F26T8 when compared to standard F31T8.