ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX

Sparkling Color With Startling Performance!

GE ConstantColor<sup>®</sup> CMH<sup>®</sup> SPXX Bulb

Now Available in Multiple Energy Saving Wattages: 250, 320, 350 & 400 Watt

GE ConstantColor<sup>®</sup> CMH<sup>®</sup> SPXX Lamps Sell Sheet

Energy Savings
Reduce your energy costs by up to $224* per fixture or save by reducing fixture count with same wattage lamps.

Great Color Rendering Index (CRI) - Up to 90
Ideal for all applications, especially where color is important.

Improved Spectral Distribution
Vibrant reds, blues, greens and yellows

Better than PulseArc Lamps
Excellent Lumen Maintenance > (80%). Same Long Life and Lumen Output.

Maintains Constant Color Over Time
Maintains constant color over time for uniform ceilings and stores.

Rated for Open Fixtures
Excellent for General Lighting Applications. Easy Installation.

Operates on Pulse Ignitor Ballasts
Direct Replacement for 250 Watt, 320 Watt, 350 Watt and 400 Watt Pulse Start Lamps.
Operates on Approved Ballasts Only.
Do not use on High Frequency Electronic Ballasts.

* Using a 320W CMH system to replace a standard 400W metal halide system @ 10¢ kWh over the life of the lamp