CMH® Chromafit™

A direct replacement for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, GE CMH® ChromaFit™ lamps provide excellent crisp white color without expensive ballast or fixture change.

Crisp White Light fits existing HPS sockets

GE CMH<sup>®</sup> Chromafit™ Lamps Sell Sheet 2

The advantages of metal halide lighting for HPS users
ChromaFit™ lamps provide the benefits of metal halide lighting and improved color - using existing HPS ballasts and fixtures. GE CMH® ChromaFit™ lamps are designed to operate on ANSI standard S50/M168 and S51/M169 ballasts. Available in 250-watt and 400-watt versions.

Warm white light
ChromaFit™ lamps provide the crisp white light typical of metal halide lamps, adding sparkle and comfort to any setting.

Improved color
With a color rendering index of greater than 80 for the 400 watt and 85 for the 250 watt, ChromaFit™ is an excellent choice to upgrade HPS systems for improved color without costly fixture changes.

Metal halide efficiency
GE CMH® ChromaFit™ lamps are highly efficient, providing up to 100 lumens per watt of quality light.