Evolve Wall Mount Luminaires

Evolve™ Wall Mount Luminaires

GE Evolve Wall Mount Luminaires provide for extra security in an insecure world. GE area wall lighters provide light where it's needed most, especially on walkways, entrances, pathways and around the perimeters of buildings. Architects, building designers, and facility managers can choose the area wall lighters from GE for attractive yet economical solutions, particularly when a wall mounted fixture is the only practical choice

Evolve EWLS


The Evolve™ LED L-Series Wall Pack EWLS, is a low-cost wall mounted luminaire which significant energy savings in a long-life LED wall pack. The EWLS is perfect for Schools, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals and Retail & Commercial Building entrances & perimeter lighting.

Evolve EWS3

General Wall Lighting

The Evolve™ LED Scalable Wall Pack EWS3, is optimized for customers looking for an efficient and reliable LED solution for wall mounted, site, area and general lighting applications. This reliable system utilizes an advanced LED optical system providing uniformity, vertical light distribution, reduced offsite visibility, reduced on-site glare and effective security light levels.

Evolve EWNB

High Performance

The next generation of the Evolve™ LED N-Series Wall Pack EWNB, delivers the highest lumen output to efficiently illuminate walkways, area, and general lighting applications where the most light output is needed. In keeping with a sleek design strategy, this product offers a modern look, balancing the need for photometric scalability with reliable workhorse performance.
 Lumens (lm) 1,500 & 4000 2,800 – 8,700 4,000 – 14,400
 Color Temperatures (CCT) 3000K, 4000K, 5000K 3000K, 4000K, 5000K 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
 Color Rendering Index (CRI) 70 70 70
 (See Data Sheet for availability)
Wired Analog 0-10V Dimming,
Photo Electric Sensor,
Motion Sensor
Wired Analog 0-10V Dimming,
Photo Electric Sensor,
Motion Sensor
Wired Analog 0-10V Dimming,
Photo Electric Sensor,
Motion Sensor,
LightGrid™ Compatible
 Fixture Colors Available Dark Bronze, Black, White, Gray Dark Bronze, Black Dark Bronze, Black
 Type Value General Use High-Performance