M-400 Induction Roadway Luminaire with Cutoff Optics Discontinued

M-400 Induction Roadway Luminaire with Cutoff Optics - MSCA & MSCL

Product ID: MSCA & MSCL

From HID to LED, GE continues to push Roadway Lighting to new heights. Recognized for the highest quality and reliability in street, highway, parkway, and commercial applications, GE offers a wide selection of styles to meet the lighting needs of municipalities, utilities, DOT customers and more.


  • Universal two or four-bolt slipfitter 
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with polyester powder gray paint finish 
  • Average lamp life 100,000 hours 
  • Instant on and instant restrike 
  • “Dead back” tunnel type, FRP terminal board 
  • Minimum start -30°F 
  • Metal pest guard standard (not required for 2 in. pipe mounting) 
  • No-tool PE receptacle 
  • Cutoff photometrics 
  • External paddle type stainless steel bail latch 
  • True 90° cutoff—no light above 90° (meets RP8-2000 for full cutoff) with flat glass


  • For roadway, highway or parking lot applications where light trespass could be a problem.