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From the first Major League Baseball game played under the lights in 1935 to the most recent Olympic Summer Games in London, sports fans have enjoyed every second of the action with GE Sports Lighting and Stadium Lighting.

GE Flood Lighting is the premium outdoor lighting solution for professional arena applications. For example, at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, GE Lighting stadium lights have an output of more than 300 foot candles of light on the infield and about 200 foot candles of light on the outfield. The result is the ability to see all of the action at a night baseball game, crisply and clearly, whether you are inside the park enjoying the game in person or watching at home on TV. Take a closer look at how GE sports lighting and stadium lighting aim to provide better spill-light control, less maintenance and longer life.

Sport & Stadium Lighting

GE Sports Lighting is the premium lighting solution for professional arena applications. Combining state-of-the-art lamp, optical and ballast technology, packaged together for unmatched light output and efficiency, with excellent visibility for player, spectators and television broadcasting.

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