Ever since a GE scientist invented the first visible LED back in 1962, we've been pushing the boundaries of what light can do for our customers. Today, we offer the most comprehensive LED lighting portfolio on the market. From ambient to accent lighting, displays to dimming control, you'll find everything you need for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A simple upgrade to GE LED replacement lamps can enhance your environment, improve your customer experiences and elevate your brand image. Converting to LED lighting also helps you minimize maintenance, reduce energy usage and increase revenue.

When you partner with GE for your LED lighting upgrade, you get the added benefits of total system solutions. We work with our customers to design LED lighting solutions that make the most out of every space. Our innovations are engineered to work together seamlessly to maximize efficiency and deliver a faster return on investment.

Maximize energy efficiency

Because LED replacement lamps from GE use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lamps, they are an easy way to achieve significant savings in energy costs while reducing your environmental impact.

Reduce maintenance and operating costs

With a life span 6 times longer than incandescent lamps, LED replacement lamps from GE significantly reduce costs associated with replacement products and maintenance. Choose dimming and controls and you'll increase these savings even more.

Enhance light quality

With better color, distribution, output and uniformity, LED replacement lamps from GE create a better environment and image for your brand. More than just good looks, these benefits help drive business, improving your bottom line.

Extend life span

Say goodbye to replacement lamp costs and hello to a product that will work overtime for you, every day, for over a decade (based on 50,000 hours of rated life with 12 hours use per day, 365 days per year).

Improve customer experiences

Set a mood, spotlight special products, bring out those must-have colors. Whether they are drawing attention to the front window or increasing security back in the parking lot, LED replacement lamps from GE guide a better customer experience.

Add savings through rebates

LED replacement lamps from GE offer even more savings on overall cost of ownership through lamp rebate programs – and no one offers a more comprehensive line of LEDs than GE.

GE Senior Lighting Specialist Sri Rahm talks about the benefits of LED replacement lamps.

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Case Studies

GE Retail LED Replacement Lamps at Riddle's Jewelry

Riddle's Jewelry Stores

Riddle's Jewelry is changing halogen bulbs in its 57 locations to GE's LED replacement lamps, saving 20 to 25 percent in annual jewelry store lighting costs.

Case Studies

GE LED Grocery Store Lighting at The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market

Energy-efficient PAR38 LED Retail lamps from GE will help The Fresh Market reduce glare and enhance the color quality of food while reducing electricity use across more than 130 locations.

Case Studies

GE LED Retail Lamps at the National Auto Museum

National Automobile Museum

GE Lighting's energy-efficient LED collection brings the National Automobile Museum's collection to life, saving $30,000 a year with newly lit, more vibrant galleries.

Case Studies

GE Retail Lighting at Arrow Furniture - medium

Arrow Furniture

Arrow Furniture selected energy-efficient LED lamps from GE Lighting to replace halogen bulbs in its four Toronto-area stores, saving $23,000 a year as the result of 232,000 fewer kWhs used.