Directional Lamps

GE offers a wide range of directional LED lamps that focus light where you want it. Get the energy-saving and long-life advantages of GE LED technology in directional LED lamps that are perfect for recessed office lighting, retail lighting, hospitality lighting and other commercial lighting applications.

LED Lamp Selector Tool

Use our LED Replacement Tool to find the best LED replacement lamp for your situation and discover your potential energy savings.

GE LED Replacement Lamp Tool

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GE Offers a Variety of ENERGY STAR® Qualified LED Lamps

ENERGY STAR® lighting products have met a specific set of standards set up by the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, and can save customers money on their energy bills while also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from power generation, all without sacrificing quality and style. Overall ownership costs can also be reduced by receiving lamp rebate incentives for eligible LED replacement lamps from your local utility company.

Learn more about GE's ENERGY STAR® Qualified LED Products (PDF)