Case Studies

The GE LED lighting system shines above the classic car gallery at Blackhawk Auto Museum

Blackhawk Auto Museum

Blackhawk Auto Museum upgraded to GE's PAR38 LED lamps, helping reduce energy costs by nearly $26,000 each year while bringing a new polish to its selection of classic automobiles.

GE Offers a Variety of ENERGY STAR® Qualified LED Lamps

ENERGY STAR® lighting products have met a specific set of standards set up by the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, and can save customers money on their energy bills while also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from power generation, all without sacrificing quality and style. Overall ownership costs can also be reduced by receiving lamp rebate incentives for eligible LED replacement lamps from your local utility company.

Learn more about GE's ENERGY STAR® Qualified LED Products (PDF)

GE LED Replacement Lamps

    With GE's complete line of LED replacement lamps and tubes
    the time is now to upgrade your commercial environment
    with the latest energy-efficient lighting products.

    Watch what a difference more than 50 years of LED innovation makes!

LED Lamps

    As a trailblazer in LED technology, GE offers the most types
    of LED lighting in the industry — This lineup includes the world's
    FIRST ENERGY STAR® 100-lumens-per-watt A-line.

    Plus they deliver excellent color rendering and long life.
    And are versatile enough to be used in retail, residential, office…
    wherever incandescent bulbs can be found.