GE's Street & Roadway Lighting Solutions

Roadway Lighting Solutions

Each municipality across the country is unique, from its population and citizen demographics to the budget that drives key initiatives and priorities. But no matter the city and where leaders are in their "journey of light," GE's street lighting solutions are available to help save money, increase energy efficiency and travel down the road toward greater intelligence.

LED street lighting is a foundational solution for helping to enhance quality of life and improve infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. By adding wireless controls and leveraging data through an intelligent platform, cities will be well on their way to a smarter , more sustainable future.

GE's LED street lights do more than shine. They keep people—and their world—more connected than ever.                  

LED Street Lighting

LED street lighting fixtures enhance illumination along city streets while providing savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer-rated lifetimes. Discover the many ways LED street lights are superior to legacy lighting technologies like high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.

Plus, learn about GE's Evolve™ LED street light fixtures and the GE Advantage™, which provide value along America's roadways—from Oakland, California, to Tarentum Borough, Pennsylvania—through innovative systems, seamless distribution and return-on-investment optimization.

Outdoor Wireless Controls

Wireless controls allow for remote operation and monitoring of street light fixtures. GE's award-winning LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Lighting Control System provides transportation departments and cities like San Diego with a groundbreaking means for saving money, manpower and energy. With LightGrid, cities can access real-time usage and performance of individual street lights, helping to establish dimming and on/off schedules.

Intelligent Cities

Intelligent Environments for Cities

Imagine a world in which LED street lighting enables an Intelligent City, where leaders could eliminate costly redundancies and better utilize assets to develop a more workable and livable community.

That world is here, and it's made possible through GE's Evolve LED streetlights with sensor components that are connected to the Industrial Internet, providing street-level analytics that tap into endless intelligence.

Discover this world made possible through Predix™, GE's innovative cloud platform for the Industrial Internet—and designed to help cities coast to coast run smarter and faster while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

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