GE Albeo LED High Bay Lighting - University Field House

Lighting Solutions for Sporting Facilities

For high schools. For universities. For the pros. With a roster of smart lighting solutions, GE is the choice for arenas and stadiums.

For example, Albeo™ high bay LED fixtures from GE are not only energy efficient, but they make games and events look great, too. That means the highlights are more exciting, all while slashing maintenance needs and costs.

See how we can help your lighting go the distance.

Sports Arena Applications Brochure

Arena Lighting

Weber State University sports arena with GE Albeo LED High Bay Lighting installed

GE Sports Arena High Bay Lighting luminaires are designed for applications of 20 feet (6 meters) or more, while a wide range of GE indoor lighting fixtures provide specific light patterns for your high bay lighting applications.

Sport & Stadium Lighting

Stadium Facade Lighting

GE Sports & Stadium outdoor lighting solutions for professional arena applications let fans see all of the action at a night baseball game, crisply and clearly, whether enjoying the game at the ballpark or watching it at home on TV.

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