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Street & Roadway Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of our streets and public places. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation, environmental challenges and requirements to reduce energy usage. This is where the latest outdoor, roadway and street lighting solutions from GE come into play.

Nobody has more experience in outdoor lighting than GE. We first offered gas street lighting in the late 1800s. During the 20th century, GE became widely respected for the quality and performance of our carbon arc search lights and later, for fixtures using electric lights. Today GE is a world leader in the innovation, design, production and application of energy-efficient Evolve™ LED Lighting Fixtures as well as traditional HID (High Intensity Discharge) fixtures.

LED Lighting is changing the landscape of outdoor lighting and GE offers hundreds of roadway, street and outdoor LED fixtures to meet your specific application needs.

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Street Lighting

GE LED Street Lighting

GE's advanced LED optical designs offer hundreds of photometric options to meet your precise lighting requirements, while delivering reduced glare and improved light control.

See the Evolve Video Series for additional information on Evolve™ LED Scalable Cobrahead fixtures.

Decorative Post Top Lighting

GE LED Roadway Decorative Post Top Lighting

GE Outdoor Decorative Lighting provides improved uniformity, reduced glare and better lighting control without the shadow circles commonly seen under other LED post top fixtures.

Sign Lighting

GE LED Roadway Sign Lighting

With a great look, performance and durability, these LED fixtures offer versatility while meeting your outdoor sign lighting requirements.

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel Lighting

These luminaires provide improved lighting control versus a standard HID general flood to optimize distribution & meet photometric requirements.

Other Outdoor Solutions

GE LED Roadway Lighting - Outdoor Flood & Wall Washing Lighting

For other outdoor lighting needs, like wall washing and floodlighting, GE's reliable LED fixtures offer long-life, durable construction and an assortment of beam spreads to meet a variety of exterior lighting applications.

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