GE Retail Specialty Lighting

Lighting employee areas are as important as the retail floor

Your employees aren't always on the store floor. They're working the checkout aisle, in the prep area of a deli, in the back office, or taking lunch in the employee break room. Specialty lighting is ideal for these spaces, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms.

  • These lamps are ideal for tight spaces, decorative settings, and specific applications.
  • LED products offer enhanced color quality, advanced optics and reduced glare along with energy and maintenance savings.
  • Germicidal products have clear lamps with special UV transmitting glass.

LED Lamps

LED replacement lamps have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as being very efficient and environmentally friendly. Energy efficiency and long life means fewer lamp replacements vs. standard incandescent and halogen light sources. In addition, these lamps contain no lead or mercury and are RoHS compliant.

LFL Systems

Linear Fluorescent systems are excellent for indoor lighting and offer long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering.

CFL Systems

Our CFL lamp systems are energy efficient and economic, saving you as much as 75% over traditional lighting and are rated to last from 6,000 up to 15,000 hours.

GE reveal® Lamps

The clean, beautiful® light of GE reveal® bulbs brings out colors and patterns. And GE reveal® CFLs make colors pop while providing the energy efficiency and long life of a compact fluorescent.

Lighting Controls

GE lighting controls include simple switching, ON/OFF time schedules, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting for your retail application lighting needs.

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