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GE's Retail Lighting solutions can help a carton of eggs look farm fresh, turn a summer dress into a must-have, convert a parking lot into a welcome mat, and make a warehouse environment come to life.

No one understands how light transforms a shopper's experience better than GE. We create lighting solutions that bring your store to life. We get excited about what light can do for your retail space. But before we illuminate, we listen. Together, we determine the best way to reach your goals of customer experience, space transformation, function of light and product selection.

LED Lighting is changing the landscape of retail store lighting, and GE offers hundreds of LED fixtures and lamps to meet your specific application needs.

We're committed to adding value through a combination of technological innovations and service offerings. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're getting the most customized, enhanced retail lighting solution with significant savings.


Retail Lighting Solutions

Case Studies

The GE LED lighting system shines above the classic car gallery at Blackhawk Auto Museum

Blackhawk Auto Museum

Blackhawk Auto Museum upgraded to GE's PAR38 LED lamps, helping reduce energy costs by nearly $26,000 each year while bringing a new polish to its selection of classic automobiles.

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GE Lighting Solutions for Auto Dealerships

GE Lighting Solutions for Convenience Stores

GE Lighting Solutions for Furniture Stores

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Infographic: Big Savings

Click to see how switching to GE's Immersion LED products helped one grocery store chain save BIG.

GE Immersion LED Infographic

Retail Lighting 101

Learn the basics of lighting technology, terminology and different applications to help a retailer better understand and implement the best decisions for a facility.

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LED 101

Learn the basics of LED technology, how it operates, and how it can be applied to various spaces for maximum benefit.

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