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Today's workplace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks. Companies & their employees can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting. Minimum glare on screens, low luminance contrasts around the workstation, energy cost reduction are just a few of the key requirements. GE offers lighting designers and commercial property owners innovative solutions that combine the latest in LED technology with stylish design.

Light influences people's emotions, how they view their space and their world, and how they start and end their day. GE understands this and wants to help transform the office lighting in your buildings and facilities, while ensuring your upfront investment is paid back as quickly as possible.

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GE Office Lighting Expert Insights

Learn from our industry experts how GE Lighting can play a pivotal role in creating efficient and effective office lighting.

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USG/GE Conference Room Makeover

USG/GE Conference Room Makeover

Watch the time-lapsed video of the conference room makeover from start to finish.

Case Studies

Microsoft Colombia

Microsoft Colombia

Microsoft´s headquarters in Colombia chose GE's Lumination™ LED fixtures to modernize the lighting in its office and comply with energy efficiency standards.

Integrated Ceilings Webinar

The Integrated Ceilings Webinar will examine the ways integrated ceilings address performance, value and finishes in Class A interiors.

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Introducing Lumination™ LED Luminaire AC and BV Series

Lumination™ AC and BV Series Architectural LED luminaires from GE Lighting provide all the advantages
of LED lighting at a remarkably affordable cost. These advanced fixtures fit perfectly into existing
drop ceilings for easy high-tech retrofits that bring a fresh perspective in any space. Available in
2x2 and 2x4 models, they produce a pleasing, even light that fills the entire T-grid frame.

Learn more about AC Series Learn more about BV Series

Infographic: Building Intelligence

Seamless Solutions for Advanced Energy Mangement

Infographic: ATM Lighting with Security in Mind

Case Study: Westbrook Corporate Center

Whitepaper: How to Build an Intelligent Office

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