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Financial institutions can report lower operating costs and a greater ROI with energy-saving outdoor, sign and indoor LED lighting solutions from GE. The right lighting can help ensure people feel more confident about your bank with bright, well-lit signs and a welcoming lobby. And more comfortable on the job with low luminance contrasts around workstations and minimal glare on screens. 

The payoff in energy and maintenance savings alone can be significant, often, in a few short years. Let GE show you innovative financial services commercial lighting solutions that combine the latest in LED lighting technology, stylish design and an ROI you can take to the bank.

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Case Studies

LED Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting 2


GE's LED outdoor lighting and T8 linear fluorescent indoor office lighting (LFL) will save MetLife nearly $360,000 a year in energy costs in parking lots and at the company's St. Louis office.

Case Studies

GE reduced fixture count nearly 40% at LPL Financial using LED luminaires

LPL Financial

When LPL Financial built a zero net energy office, GE designed an LED lighting/controls system that accommodates current employees and future growth, and saves $38,000 a year in electricity costs.

Case Studies

GE Transportation and GE Antares

GE walks the energy-efficiency walk by utilizing its LED lighting with wireless controls as part of major renovations at its 500 West Monroe offices in Chicago.