Industrial Lighting Solutions

When the ceiling is at least 20 feet up, GE offers a variety of Albeo™ high bay LED lighting that truly rises to the test.

For warehouse lighting, cold storage lighting, manufacturing lighting, food processing lighting, hangar lighting, distribution center lighting and storage lighting, GE indoor lighting fixtures provide industrial and commercial lighting to help improve energy efficiency while enhancing visibility and productivity.

Plus with Albeo LED solutions, you can save on energy costs every step of the way.

Industrial Lighting Solutions

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Case Studies


GE's Albeo™ LED Luminaire fixtures can significantly diminish maintenance needs especially in difficult-to-reach areas where swapping bulbs requires equipment and trained personnel.

Case Studies

Bobcat Company

GE's Albeo™ LED high bay lighting fixtures nearly doubled lighting levels while saving more than $50,000 in annual energy and maintenance costs at Bobcat's Wahpeton, N.D., facility.

Meet the Albeo™ LED Luminaire – ABH2

Albeo™ LED Luminaire

Modular High & Low Bay Lighting

The award winning Albeo™ ABH-series LED Luminaire uses innovative heat-sinking and LED technology to deliver a wide range of light outputs that replace 250W-1,500W HID and four-to-eight lamp T5/T8 high intensity fluorescent fixtures in high bay applications. The ABH2-series offers higher efficacy than previous generations and can be matched with motion, daylight and wireless controls for increased energy savings, lower maintenance costs and shorter paybacks.

    • Designed to meet recommended luminance and illuminance requirements for high & low bay lighting applications in industrial and commercial buildings
    • Modular design: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 modules
    • Lifetime: L70 at 100,000 hours

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    LED is an ROI Machine

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