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GE's Hospitality Lighting solutions can help a guest room look like home, turn a ballroom into a bride's dream wedding, convert a parking lot into a welcome mat, and make a warehouse environment come to life.

Throughout your hospitality spaces, light is everywhere. But is it everything it can be in terms of quality and cost effectiveness? GE products will create a welcoming, affordable, enjoyable and impressive experience for your guests, diners, patrons and conference attendees with hospitality lighting for your hotel, restaurant, casino or conference center. You can expect to see significant energy savings, reduced operating expenses and increased revenue, beginning the moment you turn on the light. Explore case studies to learn about GE Hospitality Lighting Applications in use.

LED Lighting is changing the landscape of hospitality lighting and GE offers hundreds of LED fixtures and lamps to meet your specific application needs.

We're committed to adding value through a combination of technological innovations and service offerings. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're getting the most customized, enhanced hospitality lighting solution with significant savings. A welcoming environment with proper lighting can be the difference between a one-time disgruntled guest and a returning customer who considers your hospitality space a second home.

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