Office Space Hospitality Lighting Madrid

Let us do the work

Lighten up the work environment with GE Lighting solutions to inspire creativity and motivate productivity. This area is integrated for working and communication. While customers, guests and patrons only see your lighting solutions outside of the office, you want to make sure your employees are just as comfortable with office space solutions within hospitality lighting. The office space is the efficient working place of modern organizations leading successful hotels, convention centers, resorts and restaurants. You can further increase efficiency with your office space lighting and save money on energy with GE Aware™ Occupancy and Photo Sensors. An improperly lit space can effect workers ability, GE Lighting can make you space brighter with the flip of a switch.

LED Lamps

GE LED replacement lamps have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as having long life and being energy efficient. Explore all of GE's LED Replacement Lamps.

Controls / Sensors

GE lighting controls include simple switching, ON/OFF time schedules, occupancy sensing for your lighting needs. Explore all of GE's Lighting Control Solutions.

CFL / LFL Systems

Our CFL lamp systems are energy efficient and economic, saving you as much as 75% over traditional lighting and are rated to last from 6,000 up to 20,000 hours. Linear Fluorescent systems are excellent for indoor lighting and offer long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering. Explore all of GE's CFL systems and LFL systems.