Hotel Guest Room Hospitality Lighting Las Vegas Sands

The right light can feel like home

After a long day of meetings, or an exhausting day of vacation, your guests are looking to feel as comfortable as they possibly can. Make your guests feel right at home from check-in to check-out by utilizing efficient hotel lighting in guest room table lamps, wall sconces and downlighting fixtures that will bring bright white radiance similar to the comforts of home and will create an office atmosphere when needed. Light influences people's emotions, how they view their space and their world, and how they start and end their day. Having the ability to adjust lighting in such places as guest rooms, can make patrons feel right at home.

LED Lamps

GE LED replacement lamps have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as having long life and being energy efficient. Explore all of GE's LED Replacement Lamps.

Controls / Sensors

GE lighting controls include simple switching, ON/OFF time schedules, occupancy sensing for your lighting needs. Explore all of GE's Lighting Control Solutions.

CFL / LFL Systems

Our CFL lamp systems are energy efficient and economic, saving you as much as 75% over traditional lighting and are rated to last from 6,000 up to 20,000 hours. Linear Fluorescent systems are excellent for indoor lighting and offer long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering. Explore all of GE's CFL systems and LFL systems.