Casino Floor Hospitality Lighting

Don't take a gamble on your lighting

Utilize GE Lighting Controls to easily switch lighting loads on your casino floor to make patrons feel more comfortable. Have your patrons relax in the high intensity of the casino floor with proper GE Hospitality Lighting Solutions. In a space that operates just about 24 hours a day, you'll want to make sure your casino floor lighting is using the most efficient solutions for your space. GE Lighting has got you covered. Whether it is shedding light on the blackjack table, or illuminating hallways, corridors and elevators so patrons can find their way, you want to be sure to get your money's worth out of your hospitality lighting. GE Lighting is committed to adding value through a combination of technological innovations and service offerings. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're getting the most customized, enhanced commercial lighting solution with significant savings.