VSE Versabeam™ Disconnect Luminaire Discontinued

VSE Versabeam™ Disconnect Luminaire

Product ID: VSE

GE Indoor Lighting luminaires are designed to produce optimum illumination from the lamp, optical system and ballast, while providing specific light patterns for specific applications. These reliable systems help to improve safety and energy savings, while enhancing productivity and efficiency, to put your industrial workplace in the best possible light.


  • UL1598 Listed Suitable for Damp Location
  • UL1598 Listed for metal halide lamps in polymeric lamp containment barriers
  • Enclosed and gasketed optics
  • Unique optical sliding disconnect
  • Charcoal filtered optics
    • UV stabilized injection molded prismatic refractor for low brightness
    • Refractor with combination of reflecting and refracting prisms for high efficiency and good brightness control
  • 55° C ambient standard
  • ALGLAS™ finish on reflector
  • NuVation™ electronic ballast:
    • Dimming option — dims lamp to 50% of rated lamp wattage
    • Two piece heavy-duty die cast aluminum housing
    • Integral optical mounting design for GELS “Sliding Disconnect”
    • Attractive round ballast housing design with white polyester paint finish
    • Integral air gap between optical mounting and ballast for optimum temperature control and thermal management
    • Slide-on mounting box adaptor with 3/4-in pendant and thru feed capability for ease of installation and mounting
  • External wattage selection port for selection of 250, 320, 350 & 400 watt choices