Organic Response® Enabled Fixtures

Organic Response uses Distributed Intelligence to empower individual GE LED luminaires to make autonomous lighting decisions based on the presence of people in the immediate vicinity, ambient light levels, and occupancy information received from neighboring luminaires.

Each luminaire wirelessly reports its information to the luminaire community enabling every other luminaire to make an informed discrete decision. Although they act individually, Distributed Intelligence means all the lights in a defined space act seamlessly as an elegant and robust system.

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Inspired by nature, Organic Response emulates collaborative behaviors—like a school of fish—which moves effortlessly and in complete harmony, with individual fish continuously making small decisions in response to the actions of their immediate neighbors and the environment. Each fish is smart enough to operate independently, yet is part of an elegantly flexible system of Distributed Intelligence that solves complex problems easily without the need for centralized control.

Organic Response Technology Delivers:

In Tier 1 mode, it is the easiest, hassle free installation of any control system available. Not a single button press is required - it just works.
You have the option to optimize the system yourself; it's easy and intuitive using a simple smartphone app.
Behind its Plug & Play simplicity is a powerful neural network of microprocessors, which can be configured to solve most any lighting control problem.
Energy Savings
The collective decision making by autonomous devices results in the confidence to allow the highest potential energy savings without the typical concerns for occupant dissatisfaction from false-offs in the entire space.
Range of
A broad and increasing offering of fully integrated advanced GE Lumination LED fixtures as well as an accessory kit that enables virtually any indoor luminaire with a remote sensor node.

How it works

1. When a Sensor Node detects occupancy, the luminaire responds, outputting a predetermined light level. It simultaneously issues a communication to let the surrounding luminaires know that it has sensed an occupant.

2. Receiving the signal, neighboring Sensor Nodes know a person is within one light fixture of them, and respond by outputting a predetermined light level (e.g. 80% brightness). They simultaneously relay this message to the surrounding luminaires, notifying them that an occupant has been sensed.

3. Information spreads across all fixtures that are in view and range of another fixture. Each Sensor Node receives signals indicating how close someone is to it, and responds by emitting the appropriate light level based on the data it continually receives and disseminates

Control that makes perfect business sense

Tier 1. Immediate Functionality

Organic Response® works as soon as power is turned on requiring no additional node-to node wiring, central controller or commissioning to realize energy savings and improved occupant satisfaction. When the Organic Response® Enabled GE luminaire is connected to the main power the Sensor Node starts to communicate with the nearest enabled luminaires without any need for commissioning. All fixtures immediately start responding to the occupancy patterns within the space. No further interaction with the system is required to enjoy energy savings and improved occupancy comfort.

Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 1 Plug & Play

Tier 2. Optimization

Allows basic Optimization using a simple, intuitive smartphone app. Adjust light levels and dwell times, change lighting ‘personalities' of spaces, activate daylight dimming and relay settings to other luminaires. Increase energy savings and occupancy comfort while still controlling all fixtures in one space as a single zone.

Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 2 Personalities
Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 2 Trimming

Tier 3. Configuration

Easily enables a range of more sophisticated lighting customization. The smartphone app quickly establishes independent and dependent zones, creates customized scenes, and introduces the opportunity for wireless wall switch controls. Perfect for commercial office buildings, healthcare facilities and a host of other locations.

Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 3 Zones
Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 3 Scenes
Lumination™ with Organic Response: Tier 3 Security