Lumination™ LED Luminaire - LAD Series

GE Lumination AD Series Recessed Architectural LED Luminaire

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File Description Distribution Optical Code CCT Accessory Accessory Desc
LAD14 6000lm 4000KMedium LambertianMM4000K
LAD22 5000lm 4000KMedium LambertianMM4000K
LAD14 6000lm 3500KMedium LambertianMM3500K
LAD22 5000lm 3500KMedium LambertianMM3500K
LAD24 7200lm 4000KMedium LambertianMM4000K
LAD24 7200lm 3500KMedium LambertianMM3500K

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