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GE Lighting Smart Catalogs
Section A: Introduction & Overview to Lamps and Ballasts
Section B: Quick Reference Lamp to Ballast Selection Guide
Section C: Quick Reference Ballast Selection Guide
Section 1: Incancescent Lamps
Section 2: Halogen Lamps
Section 3: High Intensity Discharge Lamps
Section 4: Fluorescent Lamps
Section 5: Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Section 6: LED Lamps & Systems
Section 7: Stage & Studio Lamps
Section 8: Miniature, Sealed Beam & Automotive Lamps
Section 9: Projection Lamps
Section 10: Ballasts: T8 Instant Start
Section 11: Ballasts: T8 Programmed Start
Section 12: Ballasts: T8 Dimming
Section 13: Ballasts: T5 Electronic Programmed Start
Section 14: Ballasts: T12 Electronic & High Output
Section 15: Ballasts: Magnetic
Section 16: Ballasts: Sign
Section 17: Ballasts: Compact Fluorescent
Section 18: Ballasts: HID Electronic & Electromagnetic
Section 19: LED Drivers and Halogen Transformers
Section 20: Indoor/Outdoor Systems
Section 21: Controls
Section D: Appendix & Glossary
Section E: Product Warranty
Section F: Index