Light your world with a brand you can trust—GE.

GE has been a leader in innovative lighting technologies for over 130 years. Our name on the label is virtually synonymous with dependable, efficient, high-quality products—and that is why we are totally confident in the system performance and reliability of our lamps and ballasts. Also it is why we are willing to back them with a limited warranty that provides excellent coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.

Lamp/Ballast System Warranties

Ballast Warranty

LED T8 Tubes, Drivers and Modules Warranties

A GE scientist invented the first visible LED in 1962, pioneering a technology that is revolutionizing the lighting industry. GE is also one of the largest LED systems companies in the world. But it's not only about size. We're dedicated to LED performance on your behalf.

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1-888-GEBALLAST (1-888-432-2552) or 1-800-GELAMPS (1-800-435-2677)

GE Lamp & Ballast Systems Limited Warranties Summary

GE Lamp & Ballast Systems Registration

GE Lamp & Ballast Systems Registration

Important Update!

The GE Lighting Warranty Registration Program – an optional process for recording product installations – has been discontinued, and no new registrations are being accepted.

If you opted to register a project in the past, thank you. We have archived the information you provided, should a warranty claim become necessary.