Lighting for Healthcare Facilities

Jun 25-26, 2015
Cost: $400 1.0 CEU

Course Time Approximately 8am - 5pm Travel, Accommodations, and Meal Details

Level: Intermediate

Course Description

Lighting for healthcare facilities encompasses a broad range of applications that must meet the needs of professional caregivers, patients, visitors, and support staff. Based on the latest IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) guidelines, lighting design strategies for areas that are unique to healthcare will be featured, including patient rooms, nurses' stations, operating rooms, medical diagnostic areas, and corridors in patient areas. Other applications that are similar across other institutional facilities will be more briefly reviewed, including lighting for offices, lobbies, and other public spaces. Outdoor lighting to enhance safety and security in parking areas and garages will also be discussed. Special attention will be given to comparing LED systems and controls vs. traditional fluorescent and HID solutions based on performance and economics. Other special topics will include: lighting for the aging eye and lighting for circadian rhythm enhancement with design implications for patient rooms, and assisted living/skilled nursing facilities; a review of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues within the healthcare environment; and design considerations for NICU units. Industry guest speakers and a review of case studies will reveal best practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand lighting criteria for a broad range of interior and exterior tasks and applications in healthcare facilities.
  • Understand the range of available LED and non-LED lighting systems and control systems.
  • Evaluate lighting solutions by using lighting layout tools, and cost of light and environmental impact calculators.
  • Understand some of the latest lighting research that has direct implications for healthcare lighting design.

Target Audience

  • Facility managers and engineers
  • Architects, consulting engineers and lighting designers
  • Distributors and agents

Course Starting/Concluding Times

The starting and concluding times for each course may vary, but the usual starting time each day is 8:00 a.m. with the bus departing from the hotel at approximately 7:30 a.m. The daily concluding time is usually 5:00 p.m. except when evening events such as refreshments and dinners are scheduled. The exact times will be listed in your confirmation packet that you will receive three weeks prior to your course. Please verify exact times before making your airline reservations.

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Pre-work and Technology Requirements