GE Featured Products

See what was featured at LIGHTFAIR 2014. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for 2015.
GE Albeo™ ABHX series LED luminaire

Introducing Albeo™ ABH2-Series LED Luminaires

A true, energy efficient metal halide replacement with scalable solutions from 6,000 to 60,000 lumens. Field changeable optics, power supply and LED modules.

Albeo™ ABH2-Series LED Luminaires

GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires

Lumination™ LED Luminaires

GE Lighting continues to evoke the imagination of architects and lighting designers with LED luminaires that inspire new commercial ceiling landscapes.

Lumination™ LED Luminaires

Evolve™ LED Roadway Lighting – Scalable Cobrahead

Evolve™ LED Outdoor Lighting

Evolve™ LED Outdoor Fixtures are a collection of breakthrough solutions that illuminate streetscapes, roadways, parking lots, walkways, tunnels and other outdoor areas with remarkable visual appeal, efficiency and reliability.

Evolve™ LED Lighting

GE Lighting Controls - Aware Occupancy Sensors

Lighting Controls - Aware™ Occupancy Sensors

Aware™ Ceiling Sensors attach directly to the ceiling in the center of a room. Applications include open office areas, conference rooms, hallways and corridors.

Aware™ Occupancy Sensors

GE Infusion™ LED Modules

Infusion™ LED Modules

The GE Infusion™ LED module opens up a world of new lighting possibilities. The long-lasting, low maintenance, twist-in LED module is one of the most flexible lighting solutions available today - and tomorrow.

Infusion™ LED Modules

GE energy smart<sup>®</sup> LED Replacement Lamps

GE LED Replacement Lamps

The bright white radiance of GE LED replacement lamps is not just something you see, it's something you feel. These lamps will enhance your environment and create a positive and memorable experience for shoppers, diners, guests, employees, clients and patients.

GE energy smart LED Replacement Lamps

GE LED Tubes & Refit Kits

GE LED Tubes & Refit Kits

LED tubes & Refit kits from GE, help customers reduce energy & maintenance costs by converting existing linear fluorescent systems to higher efficiency LED without needing a comprehensive reinstall.

GE Refit Solutions

Lighting Controls – LightSweep™

Lighting Controls – LightSweep™

A comprehensive, advanced lighting control system that offers a broad range of connectivity and flexibility for office, education and retail spaces.

Indoor Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls – LightGrid™

Lighting Controls – LightGrid™

LightGrid™ is a groundbreaking outdoor wireless control system for street and roadway lights that allows for remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a web-enabled, central management system.

Outdoor Lighting Controls